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Tips for tax consultants

Increasing efficiency for your tax firm: What can your firm do to reduce manual data-inputting?

July 13, 2023
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Learn how Banqup, a digital solution, can simplify manual, administrative tasks for tax advisors. From saving time to adding value for your clients, Banqup streamlines processes, eliminates paper, and increases efficiency so you can stand out in the industry.

As an accountant, you will certainly identify with the amount of manual, administrative work that your firm has to carry out.

At the end of each quarter, there is the well-known VAT period during which you will have to deal with lots of data-inputting, piles of paper and time-consuming tasks. But there is light at the end of the tunnel. Light and an opportunity that can greatly reduce your manual, time-consuming tasks. Unclog this unnecessary peak and automate the processes.

How can I avoid these manual, time-consuming tasks?

‍Reducing manual and time-consuming tasks is easier when you rely on a digital solution. Digital technologies offer the opportunity to automate processes, optimize workflows and minimize the manual workload in daily operations.

This is why we invite your accountancy firm to try Banqup. Banqup is a digital solution that reduces admin and time-consuming tasks for both your firm and your customers.

First, test the solution yourself to see how straightforward it is to set up and use Banqup. Then you can involve your clients and demonstrate to them how Banqup intelligently handles administrative tasks. Very conveniently and easily via the central administration tool, the Accountant Console.

What are the advantages of Banqup?

‍You regain valuable time and can use more of your billable hours as a strategic advisor to your clients. By providing the simple and intelligent Banqup tools that help create straightforward administrative and financial processes, you can add value for your clients. These are just a few of the many benefits of Banqup.

With a Banqup account, you can take advantage of these benefits. A Banqup account is available to your clients on a monthly basis and can be added to your existing billable hours or integrated into your existing subscription plans.

By providing this added value to your clients, you will undoubtedly stand out from the crowd of tax advisors. Your clients will recognize that they, too, can save a lot of time by processing, creating, and distributing invoices through the Banqup platform.

A Banqup account ensures that your clients no longer need to bring in binders. That means no more stacks of paper, no more tedious document scanning, and no more rushed tax returns. Your clients' records are securely stored in Banqup and automatically transferred to your accounting or tax software in real time. You retain control over when you want to process your clients' documents.

Ready to shape the digital future?

Whether you are a tax advisor looking for more efficient solutions or a client looking for a smooth collaboration with your tax advisor, Banqup is the answer. Take the first step towards simplifying your administrative and financial processes. Try Banqup today and discover how, together, you can minimize time-consuming manual tasks to create more space for growth, consulting and strategic decision-making.

Take the path to the digital future with Banqup - for a strong partnership between you and your clients.

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See Banqup in action and learn how effortless Banqup is for both your business and your clients. Contact us to arrange a personal demo for your company.

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