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Banqup for accountants

The digital connection between you and your clients

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Why choose Banqup?

Why accountants choose Banqup

Banqup is here to empower your role. Because your time as a tax advisor can be better spent providing expert advice to your clients.

Automate your processes, benefit from real-time access to customer documents, and utilise insights into trends like never before.

Seamless digital connections

A digital connection between your firm and your clients

Thanks to Banqup, your firm benefits from real-time access to your clients' digital invoices and documents. Access them directly and process them at a time that suits you, increasing the value of your client relationship.

Manage your clients in a central location
Link your accounting systems with the Banqup platform
Ready for e-invoices
Save yourself OCR extraction - use the data directly
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Working digitally with Banqup

Digital processes save time, create smarter ways of working, and enable real-time collaboration.

These are the benefits of Banqup. Both you and your clients can automate time-consuming manual tasks and spend time wisely where it is needed most.

Discover what digitalisation can do for you and your firm and look forward to immediate collaboration with your clients.

Seamless integration with your accounting package

Banqup creates a unified financial ecosystem by being independent of tax accounting software.

Continue to work with your familiar ERP or tax accounting platforms and load invoices, documents, and client data from Banqup into your existing system.

Discover more about Banqup integrations.

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''Thanks to Banqup, we provide our client with the information almost in real time. This allows us to provide much better advice to our client.''
Daniel Lorent


Frequently Asked Questions

What questions do tax advisors and accountants have for Banqup?

Do you have any questions? We are here to help.

What if I need a quick solution to my concern?

Of course! We have an extensive public knowledge base with articles that will guide you through any problem with Banqup. If you do not find what you are looking for, do not hesitate to contact Banqup's support team at help@banqup.de.

How does Banqup work?

Simply send your invoices, receipts and financial documents to your Banqup platform. Either by email, by drag & drop or by taking a photo on your smartphone. Find out more about the different upload methods in our video blog.

Banqup's Optical Character Recognition (OCR) technology then converts the text and data on your financial documents into digital files. This not only reduces data entry, but also means your documents become digital. Provide your accountant or tax advisor with access to your digital documents for even more ease, and pay your invoices directly in the Banqup platform.

You can also create electronic invoices in minutes with Banqup! Learn how to set up and create your invoices in Banqup in this blog post.

How much does Banqup cost?

Take a look at our pricing page to understand the different options and prices of Banqup.

How does my firm benefit from Banqup?

Benefit from smarter processes.

No more data entry, no more searching for receipts, but a real-time overview of the cash balance and instant access to all documents. Show your clients that you can make better use of your time as a strategic advisor. And leave the manual, administrative tasks to Banqup.

Can I restrict my law firm's access and rights?

Yes. You can define which members of your firm can access which clients. Define user levels and set rules that work for you.

What is OCR technology?

OCR stands for Optical Character Recognition and is a technique used to electronically extract data from PDFs or images. In this process, sometimes called text recognition, invoices and documents are scanned by Banqup and the data is extracted from there.

Banqup always uses automatic OCR, which is included by default in all subscriptions. Banqup also has a manual OCR for 100% invoice recognition, for which the Banqup-Premium subscription is required.

How can I reach Banqup support?

There are many ways to reach Banqup customer service. For example, you can write us an email, or fill out an inquiry form on our support page. Take a look at the support page for all your options.


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