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Easily create invoices with Banqup

Fast and uncomplicated invoicing

Dashboard of invoicing in the Banqup app
Smartphone displaying Banqup's invoicing system
Automatic invoicing

No more manual invoicing

How much time do you spend entering data, capturing each invoice and trying to file it the way that works best for you? The answer is: too much time.

But not with Banqup.

Invoicing with Banqup is fast and easy! Banqup is designed specifically for small businesses, so you can create and send your invoices in a snap. Send your invoices to your customer's preferred channel and track every step of your invoice.

Say goodbye to cumbersome, manual tasks and leave it all to Banqup.

How it works

How does the billing work with Banqup?

Outgoing invoices

Sending invoices

Finish a job and send an invoice as soon as it is completed!

Create a digital invoice in less than 60 seconds.

Configure your recipient's preferred distribution channel - email, banqup, and even print and mail.

Add a Banqup Paylink button to get paid even faster.

Track when your invoice was sent, received, opened and paid.

Send from anywhere! Via your app, on the go.

Moving image of a dashboard with converting documents
Moving image of the invoicing dashboard in the Banqup app
Incoming invoices

Receipt of invoices

Receive your invoices and statements directly in Banqup, the way that suits you best!

Drag and drop, email or take a photo with your smartphone.

With Banqup's OCR, you do not have to re-enter the data.

Pay your bills with your Banqup Business Wallet.

Easily track open invoices and invoices due.

Store and archive all invoices digitally for access at any time.

Instant bills

Real-time access for your accountant or tax advisor

Need to keep track of all your invoices for your accountant or tax advisor? A simple task with Banqup.

Provide your accountant, or your tax advisor with real-time access to your Banqup platform. Your accountant or your tax advisor can thus view all your documents and payments and make the best use of their time to directly support your business with data-driven financial advice.

Woman working with a smile on her laptop

How do I benefit from it?

More free time

Save your time and decide for yourself how you want to spend it.

More meaningful activities

No more manual, monotonous and time-consuming payment and invoicing tasks.

Complete overview and full control

Easily track every invoice sent and received.

Get started with Banqup

Make your billing processes as easy as possible with Banqup! Get started today with your free trial.

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