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Comply with local electronic invoicing and tax regulations

Secure, accurate and tax compliant e-invoices without any extra work required, all by using Banqup.

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What is e-invoicing and tax compliance?

Many European countries are actively working to reduce the so-called VAT gap. This is the difference between the amount of VAT expected and the VAT actually paid to the government.

As a result, many governments are mandating e-invoicing to ensure full transparency of business invoicing activity.

To comply, your business needs an e-invoicing solution that connects to the respective government agency's e-invoicing platform. With Banqup, this is easily done for you.

Using Banqup, you can create e-invoices in seconds. Then distribute them via our network and connect to your government platform. We'll make sure you have all the required fields so you can then submit the invoice in format that ensures you comply.

When will such regulations affect me?

In Europe, there are numerous efforts to make such regulations mandatory for electronic invoices. Many countries in Europe are currently enacting corresponding laws. Take a look at the next important dates for the regulations on electronic invoices and so-called clearance models in European countries (VAT Directive). Are you affected? Check out if and what your company has to do to comply with them.

Technical requirements
- Platform - Varies per state
- Format - XRechnung
- Archiving period - Minimum 10 years

B2G mandates
- Receiving - All public entities
- Issuing - All public entities and their suppliers

B2B mandates
- 1 January 2025 to 31 December 2026 - Voluntary e-invoicing
- 1 January 2027 - Mandatory for businesses with a turnover exceeding €800,000
- 1 January 2028 - Mandatory for all other businesses
- 1 January 2028 - E-reporting in place for domestic and international transactions
- Most likely implementing the DCTCE model

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Extra Banqup compliance features

Ensure your business remains compliant by using Banqup's extra features:

Receive invoices today already that comply with EN 16931, such as in XRechnung or ZUGFeRD format, and meet the requirements of the Growth Opportunities Act effective from 1 January 2025.

Connect with international e-billing networks such as Peppol and EESPA.

Legally compliant archiving! Ensure that your documents are automatically and securely archived for the mandatory minimum period of 10 years (from the end of the financial year in which they were issued).

With instant accountant access, your accountant or tax advisor can easily and reliably ensure your invoices and processes are compliant with local regulations.

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How do I benefit?

Legally compliant with Banqup

Banqup helps you become compliant with the connection to over 60 government tax platforms globally.

Simplify tasks

E-invoicing regulations may be mandatory, but e-invoicing also automates your processes and simplifies admin tasks.

Save time

Leave the tax compliance expertise to Banqup and spend your valuable time on your business.

More resources to save you time

Compliance thanks to Banqup

Make mandatory e-invoicing and tax compliance a simple task with Banqup.

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