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Cash flow and insights

All the data and cash flow insights you'll ever need

Real-time cash flow and data insights provide greater financial confidence and help you make more informed business decisions.

Dashboard of cash flow and insights in the Banqup app
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Clear insights

‍Cash flowand data insights with your Banqup

A single view that tells you everything you need to know. Pending payments, overdue bills, cash flow. It's all possible with Banqup.

In your Banqup or on your Banqup app, you'll find clear dashboards that give you a real-time overview of your cash flow. Use data insights to help you make more informed business decisions.

All in one

Cash flow and data insights with your Banqup

Insights into customers and suppliers

As a small business, you need a clear overview of all your contacts at a glance. With Banqup you can see your most important customers and suppliers and get an instant overview of your business relationships.

The clearest of cash flows

You have a clear overview of upcoming, paid, unpaid and overdue invoices. Everything is presented in a simple format, so you have a clear idea of your cash flow.

A balance sheet at a glance

By integrating your existing bank accounts with Banqup, you no longer need to switch between different platforms. A single dashboard to view all balances, transactions and cash flows.

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How do I benefit from it?

Ensuring financial stability

Need extra help with your future cash flow? It's easy when you're in the know! Complete transparency allows you to take action when needed to ensure the financial stability of your business.

Better informed business decisions

Predict trends and gain customer insights to be better informed and make better business decisions.

Save time

All information in one place means no more wasting time searching for data or switching between multiple platforms.

First steps with Banqup

Start your free trial of Banqup today and get ready to transform your business processes.

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