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Legally compliant and safe working practices

Secure your firm's and your clients' operations and be confident that you have created compliant electronic invoicing.

What is required?

What kind of compliance?

Requirements for electronic invoicing

Mandatory electronic invoicing is advancing rapidly. As a tax advisor, you are in the best position to guide your clients so that they act in a legally compliant manner.

Secure financial exchange

Ensure that your clients exchange financial documents and invoices in a secure manner, so you have less to worry about, too.

Trusted payments

Secure, verified and trustworthy payments with a certified payment institution. This is the reason why clients and tax advisors choose Banqup.


Prepare for the increasing mandatory requirements for electronic invoicing

Banqup enables an easy transition to electronic invoicing. Not only to simplify invoicing for your clients, but also to ensure they comply with local tax and e-invoicing regulations.

Banqup connects and exchanges with local tax authority platforms and internal networks. When Banqup does the work for you, it is easy to comply with local regulations.

Compliance with local regulations

Connection to internal networks, such as Peppol

Automatic legally compliant archiving of all your clients' invoices and related documents according to the legal requirements of 10, respectively 11 years

While at the same time benefiting from simple and intelligent electronic invoicing processes

Secure exchange

Ensure a secure exchange of financial information

Sharing important financial documents is easy with Banqup. Create digital documents on the platform or convert scanned and uploaded documents to digital formats for easy traceability.

Login with two-factor authentication for you and your clients

You can rely on your clients to track and check their payments themselves using their own Banqup ID app.

Tracking and monitoring of sent, opened, read and paid invoices

Secure document archive, both for you and your clients


The smart way to pay and get paid

With Banqup, your clients use just one tool to pay and get paid more easily. And what's in it for you?

Assurance that your clients are using a payment service provided by an authorised payment institution

Streamlined payment reconciliation so you no longer waste time matching payments and invoices.

Automatically forward files from your client's Banqup account and integrated bank accounts to your accounting software

Person smiling and looking at camera
"It's a big step forward, both for our firm and for our clients."
Xavier Delattre

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