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Peppol - The future of e-invoicing

Prepare your company to succeed in the changing business world by exchanging e-invoices with your customers today via the Pan-European Public Procurement Online (Peppol) network. Especially for small and medium-sized enterprises, it is crucial to take advantage of easy e-invoicing. Our platform is specially designed for SMEs and already offers this functionality today.


What is Peppol?

Peppol (Pan-European Public Procurement Online) is an innovative network that enables the secure electronic exchange of documents, especially invoices. A widely used e-invoicing system, it simplifies communication between businesses and public administration.

Peppol was created between 2008 and 2012 as a joint initiative of the European Commission and 18 national governments with the aim of facilitating interactions between the public sector, companies and suppliers.

Peppol has now grown far beyond its original boundaries and is increasingly recognized worldwide as the standard for electronic document exchange.


Why Peppol is important for businesses

With widespread adoption in the B2G sector, countries around the world are increasingly obliged to adopt e-invoicing in the B2B sector. In view of this development, modernisation is essential. Thanks to our platform and the use of Peppol, you can succeed in a rapidly changing business environment.

Consistent communication using common standards and protocols.

Elimination of complex data translations and costly system adaptations.

Smooth and efficient document exchange regardless of location or technical infrastructure.

Benefits at a glance

Compliance benefits

Meet the increasing requirements for electronic invoicing and remain compliant with the applicable regulations at all times.

Flexibility and scalability

Adapt quickly to changing requirements and scale your business processes easily to keep pace with your company's growth.

Optimised business relationships

Strengthen your business relationships by communicating seamlessly with customers and suppliers and improving the efficiency of your business processes.

Entrepreneurs accounts receivable
Get started right away

How do I get started with e-invoicing via Peppol today?

Most public clients in Germany who require their invoices in full digital format can be reached via Peppol. In addition, more and more B2B business partners in Germany and abroad can be reached via Peppol. In some countries with which German companies trade, such as Luxembourg, B2G e-invoicing via Peppol is even mandatory for foreign suppliers.

Thanks to our Banqup platform, specially designed for SMEs, you can easily create invoices in the agreed international standard. This contains the structured data and enables companies to exchange documents and data with all other network partners. It's that simple:

Create your account on our platform.

Create the customer data record and document the customer's Peppol ID in it.

Create your invoice online in our platform or upload an existing PDF invoice from another billing system.

You are now ready to send invoices to your customers via Peppol from our platform.

Peppol Access Point (AP)

Your certified Peppol Access Point Provider

We are proud that our platform is a certified Peppol Access Point.

Certified Peppol Access Points are providers that enable businesses to transmit structured digital invoices directly into various financial systems. As a certified Peppol Access Point provider, we facilitate the direct exchange of invoices via the Peppol network and offer you the following benefits:

Secure data exchange: With a certified Peppol Access Point, businesses can securely and reliably transmit structured digital invoices directly to various financial systems.

Regulatory compliance: As a certified Peppol Access Point provider, we ensure compliance with national and international e-invoicing regulations to avoid any fines and penalties.

Efficient processes: By using our platform as a certified Peppol Access Point, businesses can streamline their invoicing processes and minimize manual errors, resulting in increased operational efficiency.


Take a look at our frequently asked questions

See what other customers have asked about Peppol.


What is Peppol and how does it work?

Answer: Peppol is a network for the secure exchange of electronic business documents. It enables the efficient transmission of invoices and other important documents between businesses (B2B) and between businesses and government authorities (B2G).

How does my company benefit from using Peppol?

Answer: Peppol improves the efficiency of your business processes, simplifies invoicing and promotes automation. It also enables you to seamlessly exchange documents with other Peppol participants.

Is Peppol mandatory for companies?

Answer: Peppol is not mandatory in most countries, but it is increasingly used by many companies, authorities and organisations due to its benefits and efficiency.

How can I become Peppol compliant?

Answer: To become Peppol compliant, you need to contact a Peppol-certified service provider such as Unifiedpost Group, who will help you integrate into the Peppol network and ensure that your systems meet the technical requirements. Our Banqup platform, specifically tailored to the needs of SME companies, is fully Peppol compliant.

What types of documents can be exchanged via Peppol?

Answer: Various types of business documents can be exchanged via Peppol, including invoices, orders, delivery notes and more.

Can I send and receive invoices internationally with Peppol?

Answer: Yes, Peppol enables the international exchange of business documents between Peppol participants around the world.

Are there any costs associated with the use of Peppol?

Answer: The cost of using Peppol can vary depending on the service provider you choose and the specific requirements of your business. Take a look at our price list to understand the different tiers and prices of our SME platform, Banqup.

What is the difference between Peppol and traditional EDI?

Answer: In contrast to traditional EDI (Electronic Data Interchange), Peppol offers an open and standardized infrastructure that enables the simple exchange of business documents between different companies and systems.

How secure is Peppol for the transmission of sensitive business documents?

Answer: Peppol uses security protocols such as Transport Layer Security (TLS) and digital certificates as standard to ensure the secure transmission and authentication of business documents.

Can I integrate Peppol into my existing company systems?

Answer: Yes, Peppol can be integrated into your existing business systems to enable the seamless exchange of business documents. However, this requires customization and integration by your service provider.

Why Banqup?

How do I benefit?

Discover the advantages of using Peppol for the exchange of electronic invoices.

Efficient processing

Simplify your invoicing processes and minimize manual errors to save time and resources.

Secure data transmission

Ensure a secure and reliable exchange of invoice data with your business partners via the Peppol network.

Global accessibility

Connect with countless companies worldwide and reach your business partners seamlessly via the Peppol network.

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